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The translation process in plain view

The translation process in plain view

Step 1:Pasul 1

The client requesting our services will be greeted by a Translation Manager who will provide all the information related to the required translation and will clarify certain issues about the meaning of sworn translations, authenticated translations, interpreting and other related services.

During this stage the client will also be informed upon the price of the translation and other costs of related services (certification, notary authentication, DTP, emergency translations, technical translations, as applicable). Under all circumstances, the client is not refused the possibility to negotiate, especially loyal clients and those who supply a high volume of work. These clients will obtain discounts as applicable.

An order is filled out, including all the details related to the required translation service (source text, languages, price, deadline and delivery conditions, together with our identification data).

Step 2:Pasul 2

The text to be translated will be passed on to a sworn translator certified by the Ministry of Justice. The translator will commit all the diligence and skilfulness in his/her power to deliver a quality translation in the true meaning of the word. The client has the possibility to contact the translator directly to determine together possible requirements related to the translation format, terminology to follow and a convenient deadline for both parties. That is because we want to keep things as simple as possible and eliminate useless intermediations that would prove time and cost consuming. 

Step 3 (optional): Pasul 3

After the translation is completed by the translator, and especially with translations coming from difficult domains, it will be proofread by a proofreader. The DTP service can also be provided at this point, upon request. When establishing the deadline for the translation, this optional step will be taken into consideration.

Step 4: Pasul 4

After the previous step, the translation will be returned to our office, wherefrom the client can collect it in the required format (certified and/or authenticated by a notary public, as applicable).

Special cases:

Big translation projects will be approached by a team of translators coordinated by a Project Manager, who will be the client’s direct representative within the team. He/she will take into account the client’s suggestions related to the translation process and will make sure they are followed. The translators, under the direct coordination of the project manager, will meet frequently in order to establish the specialized terminology and other aspects concerning the translation in question. During these meetings, the client has the opportunity to participate actively, assisting, possibly, with certain decoding concepts from difficult domains. Thus we hope to achieve the best possible collaboration between the translators, who will provide the linguistic support, and the client, who may contribute significantly to the final translation.