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TraduceriWe make sworn and authenticated translations from a wide range of domains, some of which are:
  • legal (legal agreements, court orders, powers of attorney, declarations and statements, summons etc.)
  • technical (user’s and constructions guides, IT&C, design, music, procedures etc.)
  • administrative (certifications of vital record, receipts, permits, certificates, criminal records etc.)
  • advertising (web sites, brochures, advertising materials, presentations etc.)
  • auction documents
  • fiscal (balance sheets, invoices, tax certificates, income statements etc.)
  • vehicles’ documents (vehicle registration certificates, certificates, notices, specialised articles, control certificates)
  • companies’ documents (certificates, articles of incorporation, company’s agreements)
The above listed translations are only for your information, they are not exhaustive.
The translation price is determined according to the text type and domain. For further details, please contact us using the contact form, the e-mail address or the telephone numbers available on our homepage.